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Sooke School District uses School Cash Online to provide parents/guardians with the convenience of managing their student’s school fees online. All school fees and payments for individual students are managed at the school level through the School Cash Online program.


Step 1 – complete the consent form at Consent Portal Make sure you are logged into your account first. If you do not see the consent form after you sign in, please choose “items” on top right tab. You must login with the same email address that you have provided to the School District for receiving District/School emails.

Step 2 user guide – create account login/password by choosing “Get Started Today” at School Cash Online. Students are encouraged to create an account as well, especially if they pay their own fees.

Step 3 user guide – login and attach your children. You will need to know the student’s PEN number (on the report card) in order to complete this process. I hope you try this out and make it work for you as it will far more convenient than physically coming to school to pay the various costs throughout the year.

Please click on the links below to view step by step instructions to set up your student on the School Cash Online system.

2023-2024 School Fees