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Extension Activities for Scholarship Preparation

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The following tasks can also be started during your grade 11 year.  Again, this work is optional.  Any work you do now to begin your scholarship research and preparation will aid you in your application process next year.  It is not too early to get started!  Here is what you can do this year…

  • Go to the school website and use the “Student” drop down menu to access the “Scholarships” tab.    link to Royal Bay Scholarship Weebly
  • Click on “Scholarship Weebly”.
  • View the “Scholarship Application Deadlines” tab to see the monthly calendar of what scholarships are available this year month by month.  This will give you an idea of what you can apply for when the time comes.
  • View the “Assignments” tab and go to Assignment #5 “Scholarship Resume”.
  • Download a word or google doc format of this template to use as a base for your own scholarship resume and begin now!  You can edit this document as you progress through grade 11 and into next year so you are ready to go.
  • Paper copies of the template for the scholarship resume, as well as all the Royal Bay scholarships, are also available in the Careers Office.
  • Remember, you are always welcome to visit the Careers Office for help!