Ms. Cheeseman- Teacher

This course provides students with an opportunity to make connections to the community, while building a plan for life after high school. Personal development will be a focus, allowing students to use self‐assessment tools to reflect on their preferences, skills, strengths and passions. Students will explore the role of mentors as they plan, research and expand their knowledge of career possibilities. Global trends and local needs and opportunities will be considered as students set personal goals for success.

Pathways To A Career Activity

myBlueprint_ Surveys


School District 62 and Royal Bay use the online platform myBlueprint  to aid in the delivery of the Ministry of Education Careers 9-12 curriculum.

Please read through ALL of the information below about how to log into myBlueprint.

If you have followed these steps, and you are still unable to access myBlueprint, please see Mr. Eldredge in Room 1168 during A & C Block.

1) Consent:

a. Ensure that parents/guardians have provided consent. A student does not have consent if they see the following when they try to log in: “PEN does not match” or spinning wheel.

The link to the ‘Consent’ portal is here.  Follow the prompts. It will take 24 hours after consent is provided for activation.  After that time, students will be able to sign in to myBlueprint.


SD62 Online Consent Forms

2) Logging in:

a. Go to the link attached below (use Google/Google Chrome).

  • Select “School Account Log in” – in the green bar, middle of the screen page.
  • This will take students to the Sooke Potholes picture and single sign on.
  • Students will use their school wifi log in credentials, and if they have consent, they will be in.
    • The wifi login and password are what students use when they access school wifi on their phone. It should be their first name initial and their last name initial, plus four digits from their student number (ex.Jacqui tenHove: jt5564).
  1. Students should not need a PEN number to sign up. If they do, it may be because they  don’t have parent consent. See point #1 above.myBlueprint Access