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Royal Bay Secondary Soccer Academy

The Royal Bay Soccer Academy is proud of our commitment and dedication to the development of players of all abilities. Our goal is to train players at a consistently high level and develop their skill, knowledge and overall enjoyment for the game.  The Academy has been in operation since 2009 and is currently located at our Royal Bay Secondary campus.

What does the average week of academy look like?

Many of our academy players play soccer for local clubs, which means games and additional practices outside soccer academy. In an effort to support overall player development and avoid burnout, we reserve Mondays and Thursdays for ‘off field’ days that will rotate between fitness sessions, weight room sessions, yoga, recovery days, classroom sessions, guest speakers, etc. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday will be our ‘on field’ days where players are participating in skill specific drills.

What are the two streams for the Soccer Academy?

 The Academy offers both the Intermediate and Advanced/High Performance options for students:

  • The Intermediate Academy is a program for students who possess enthusiasm for the sport of soccer. It is not a program reserved only for elite players within the sport, but welcomes players of all skill levels who are committed to development both as soccer players and as individuals. Assessments for all ‘new to academy’ players will take place in March 2024.
  • The Advanced/High Performance Academy is for elite players that are interested in higher level development and/or interested in College/University, High Performance Leagues or Professional opportunities. Players interested in the program will be assessed on their skills and ability and will be chosen to the program through an invite only process. Assessments for the High Performance academy will take place in early March 2024.

Who is the coaching staff for the Soccer Academy?

Royal Bay Academy offers high-level experienced coaches who have worked with all age levels and abilities. Currently, our staff consists of:

  • Dan Cumming (Technical Director of Gorge)
  • Ryan McCurdy (Technical Director of Wave Boys Program)
  • Cody Ackinclose (Technical Director of Wave Girls Program)
  • Taka Arai(Former J-League coach in Japan, Assistant Highlanders coach)
  • Suka Sayed (Former VIU player, UNBC alum, Gorge Coach, Current Harbourside player)
  • Selena Fong (Athletic Therapist – players can see her Monday & Thursday on turf for injury assessment, taping, and rehab exercises)
  • Jess Marchand (Strength and Conditioning coach)

Are there any games in Soccer Academy?

 We will be looking to set up games against other schools and academies over the course of the year. Dates and times TBD. Last year, we were able to play at both Reynolds and Shawnigan’s soccer academies in the Spring. This year our academy is participating in the 8-aside Vancouver Island Academies Cup tournament located at the ITC in Langford.

What kind of commitment is Soccer Academy?

 Soccer Academy is a big commitment. We accept players of all skill levels, both new and advanced. That being said, we are physically active 4-5 times a week, which is very demanding on the body. As such, it is important that players take care of themselves through nutrition, water intake and recovery (foam rolling, stretching, etc.). We will have designated days set aside for recovery and lessons on these topics, however, players need to be responsible for their well being outside of school. If students skip class they will be placed on probation and, if the behavior continues, removed from the Academy altogether. Our success as a group depends on everyone’s individual commitment. Consistent attendance is a crucial component of this program.

 How will my child be assessed?

Royal Bay Soccer Academy will focus on the primary methods of assessment including objective, subjective, and self-assessments.  Students will be assessed on their Behaviour, Effort, Attitude, and Participation (BEAP) daily. Students will also be evaluated on skill development, fitness and written assignments. Royal Bay Soccer Academy students will be reported on a regular basis, including 4 formal reports (report cards).


  • BEAP (Behaviour, Effort, Attitude, Participation)      60%
  • Skill (Level and Progression)                                   30%
  • Fitness and Theory                                                  10%

Some things you may want to know:

 Soccer Academy is a fun place to be. Don’t worry or stress about your first day.

  • A positive attitude is the most important thing you can bring with you to class.
  • The Academy code of conduct is our key to success. It is crucial that each Academy member understand his or her role in being a responsible Academy member and a positive role model within the school. This will ensure we are all able to work in an environment where we are able to reach our full potential.

Thanks for your interest in the Royal Bay Soccer Academy. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you in the future.

LindsayMachin  –  Royal Bay Soccer Academy Director


Royal Bay Soccer Academy