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CLC12A Capstone Preparation Project

Photographing things, people and places you are grateful for

in an effort to boost gratitude and help build your Capstone Portfolio

**Begin by choosing one from each category…

Who am I?

  • Photos to represent your three most important personal values including a reflection to discuss… what three values are most important to you?
  • An image that represents who you are (your spirit, challenges, temperament) with a reflection to explain how the image represents who you are.
  • Image that represents something you are skilled at (a sport, a performing or visual art, specific academic skills, interrelationships) with a reflection.
  • Image that portrays a favourite place (a location that gives you peace, somewhere you enjoyed travelling) with a reflection.
  • Image of someone or something important to you (family, friend, pet, hobby) with a reflection.

Who do I want to become?

  • Photo plus a journal entry detailing a childhood dream and how it has changed or stayed the same over time, perhaps showing how that dream connects to your ideal work life.
  • Image and detailed description of something you would like to learn more about.
  • Image and a detailed description of a future goal or occupation (could be related to travel, personal life, occupation, hobby).

How will I get there?

  • *Mentor photo and letter of gratitude (mandatory selection)
  • An image and a journal / description of previous or current work, job placements or community volunteer work
  • Image and a journal / description that represents what you hope to be doing one year after high school
  • Image and a journal / description that represents what you hope to be doing 5 years after high school