Home Economics Exploratory – Grade 9

Our everyday lives are sustained by basic needs such as food and clothing. This course will provide hands-on experience with these fundamentals, where students will learn to prepare a variety of foods and engage in textile design and creation projects. Contemporary and traditional uses of foods and textiles that emphasize health, economics and the environment will be woven into the course.


Family Studies

Family Studies – Families in Society 10

This course centers the family as an area of study, including family structures, the roles and responsibilities of family, how families interact with society and how families change over time. Students are encouraged to think critically about the challenges families face today from personal, community and global perspectives, and consider a variety of ways families can work to meet these challenges.

Family Studies – Interpersonal and Family Relationships 11   

This course helps students understand and navigate interpersonal relationships  and explore services and career opportunities connected to relationship health. It builds awareness and skills around interpersonal communication styles and strategies, healthy/unhealthy relationships, and the process of developing and ending relationships. Students are encouraged to think critically about contemporary relationships from personal, community and global perspectives.

Family Studies – Child Development and Caregiving 12

This course is designed for anyone who is interested in working with children or becoming a parent one day. It examines pregnancy, including methods of conception, prenatal development, medical care, and methods of childbirth and delivery, as well as legal rights and responsibilities of caregivers. Students also explore theories and stages of child development from birth to age 12, nutritional needs and feeding practices for children of various ages, caregiving styles and child care resources and regulation. 

Family Studies – Housing and Living Environments 12

This senior level course will explore real life issues related to housing options for individuals and families and dive into the fun and creative world of interior design.  Topics that will be explored include affordability, laws and regulations related to housing, interior decorating, furniture upcycling and renovations. This course will prepare you to make informed housing decisions and develop your skills to decorate your first home with flair, whether you’re after a shabby chic or ultra-modern look!

Food Studies

Food Studies 10

This course balances learning about food with applied, hands‐on food preparation. Areas of emphasis include food safety, food production, preservation, food and well‐being, food systems, food ethics and First Peoples food protocols.

Course Fee: $35.00


Food Studies 11

Recommended Prerequisite: A previous Food Studies class.

This course balances theory with hands‐on activity. It will help students understand components of recipe development and modification through regular preparation of a variety of foods. It will build understanding of food security, food marketing and labelling, and factors involved in the creation of food guides. The course  builds cooperative skills through regular group work.

Course Fee: $35.00


Food Studies 12

This course emphasizes applied skills in a group‐oriented learning environment. Students collaborate to build understanding of components of multi‐course meal development and preparation.  Students will also consider the concepts of food sovereignty and food justice, as well as philosophical perspectives on food. In addition to improving skills around food sourcing and preparation, it will leave students with a deeper awareness of what they put on their plate and why.

Course Fee: $35.00


Textile Studies

Fashion Design and Construction: Textiles 10

Do you have a passion for fashion?  Research fashion trends and learn how to illustrate fashion using a variety of art materials.  You will gain an appreciation for different types of fabrics and effective methods for constructing clothing with them. This hands-on learning environment will introduce you to fashion sewing using commercially available patterns, sewing machines, and other tools of the trade.  You will be up-cycling your wardrobe and  “styling” in your own creations in no time!  

Course Fee: $35.00

Fashion Design and Construction: Textiles 11

In this course, you will learn how to research fashion trends and gain an understanding of how the fashion industry operates.  Develop an awareness of the environmental, economic, and ethical issues related to the fashion industry.  Develop your own design and fashion sewing skills and learn how to modify patterns and remodel existing clothing to express your personal sense of style!

Fashion Design and Construction: Textiles 12

 Delve into fashion history and discover how elements from the past can be reinterpreted in modern fashion design.  Sharpen your fashion illustration techniques and refine your knowledge of fabric types and suitability for different finished products.  Learn methods for designing your own patterns and refine your sewing techniques.  This hands-on learning environment will have you sewing fashion clothing with confidence! 

Course Fee: $35.00