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The science department at Royal Bay is filled with wonderful staff who are very dedicated to excellence in the scientific studies.

Science starts off with Science 9 – students will study 3 main disciplines: Life Sciences, Physical Science (Chemistry and Physics), and Earth and Environmental Sciences.  This introductory course sets students up to succeed in Science 10, where they will further their studies in Life Science, Physical Sciences, and Earth and Space Science.

From Science 10, students are required to take one course in Science 11.  Below is a chart of the main sciences offered at Royal Bay Secondary School.  It is important for students who are on a pathway to post-secondary education to make sure they are taking the correct number of prerequisites.  Our wonderful counseling department is more than happy to help out.


Please refer to the Course Hand Book for further information about courses offered at Royal Bay Secondary School.

Staff List:

Acacia Spencer-Hills aspencerhills@sd62.bc.ca
Amanda Dunn adunn@sd62.bc.ca
Amel Berrima aberrima@sd62.bc.ca
Angela Puszka apuszka@sd62.bc.ca
Ashleigh Allen aallen@sd62.bc.ca
Danita Stewart dstewart@sd62.bc.ca
LeAnn Anderson landerson@sd62.bc.ca
Linda Funk lfunk@sd62.bc.ca
Maria Hotovy mhotovy@sd62.bc.ca
Melanie Willing mwilling@sd62.bc.ca
Monica Furdal mfurdal@sd62.bc.ca
Shane Sangha ssangha@sd62.bc.ca
Shaun Pell spell@sd62.bc.ca
Stephanie Vink svink@sd62.bc.ca
Zac Froese zfroese@sd62.bc.ca
David Booth dbooth@sd62.bc.ca
David Sundher dsundher@sd62.bc.ca
Dean Baldwin dbaldwin@sd62.b.ca
Jillian Lemmen jlemmen@sd62.bc.ca
Kelly Steadman ksteadman@sd62.bc.ca
Kendra Danielson kdanielson@sd62.bc.ca
Laurie Hutchinson lhutchinson@sd62.bc.ca