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For more information please see Mrs. Brown  or Ms. Harrington in the Career Centre.

Updated News 

Hello Grads,

I am calling on the Grad Class of 2022 to elect two Valedictorians. 

The ceremony structure hasn’t been finalized yet. The Valedictorian may be asked to prepare speech to be delivered in person or by video.

The nomination process is as follows:


  1. Provide a 500 word Leadership letter outlining what leadership/volunteer work you have done, while explaining what your leadership/volunteer work has done to better Royal Bay School and/or outside community.
  2. Your teachers from first and second semester will be asked by RBSS admin to confirm your nomination, recognizing your work ethic and contributions to the classroom.


The Valedictorian nomination committee will consider your GPA in the selection process.

Valedictorian by definition is a top academic student, and RBSS admin will limit the finalists based on academic achievement.

The completed Leadership letter, are to be submitted to mlait@sd62.bc.ca by 12:00 noon Friday, February 11th.

Candidates who have fulfilled ALL of the criteria will be notified Wednesday, February 18th.

All nominations are subject to review by Administration.

Top nominees will provide a video speech that must include enough information to explain why they would be a great representative of the graduating class. The speeches will be shared with the graduating class, and voted on.


Thank you,


Martin Lait