Cafeteria Training 10/11/12

Cafeteria training is designed to introduce students to the culinary industry. Students enrolled in the class will work together prepping and serving up to 200 meals a day for the student body. The goal of these classes is to give students the skills and confidence to work in any fast paced environment. Students’ learning is focused around a variety of skills including: Hot food, cold food and baking production, butchery, basic customer service and kitchen management.

Professional Cook 1

Prerequisite: Cafeteria Training

Professional Cook offers students who are passionate about cooking a chance to delve deeper into the culinary arts. Students enrolled in Professional Cook will move past the basic skills learned in Cafeteria Training, focusing on menu planning, food sourcing, food costing and kitchen leadership. Students who complete Profession Cook classes will have the skills for entry level jobs in the many kitchens throughout Victoria.

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