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Royal Bay Soccer Academy 2020 2021

Royal Bay Secondary Soccer Academy – “Excellence through Commitment”

What is Royal Bay Soccer Academy?

The Soccer Academy Program at Royal Bay is proud of our commitment to excellence and dedication to the development of athletes. Our goal is to train players at a consistently high level and develop their skill, knowledge and love for the game.  The Academy has been in operation since 2009 and has been located at the new Royal Bay campus for the past 4 years.

Students in the Royal Bay program will range in skill level, from Club Silver to HPL (High Performance League). Training will be on the Royal Bay turf Monday-Friday and will cover various development focus areas, as well as strength and conditioning activities.

Royal Bay Soccer Academy will incorporate a number of high performance community staff to enrich the quality of the training for our students.  Guest staff will include some of the most experienced soccer instructors on the Island, as well as University, National and Professional players and coaches.  In addition, we will work on soccer specific strength, conditioning and nutrition with our high performance staff.  It is our goal to offer a dynamic program, with up to date development and conditioning methods and practices.

How will the Soccer Academy fit into my child’s schedule?

The Soccer Academy at Royal Bay is a program that will be offered inside of the regular timetable, occupying one block of the student’s schedule each semester. A typical week includes four Skill Focus sessions and a strength and conditioning class.  The program will also include various classroom sessions throughout the year with topics including nutrition, sport psychology as well as soccer tactics and theory.

Is this program the right fit?

The Royal Bay Soccer Academy offers both a Regular and High Performance option for students.

The Regular (Jr. and Sr.) Academy is a program for students who possess enthusiasm for the sport of soccer. It is not a program reserved only for elite players within the sport, but welcomes players of all skill levels who are committed to development both as soccer players and as individuals. There is a significant expectation that the athletes involved are committed to working hard, developing their skills, and have an interest in considerable personal growth.

The High Performance Academy is for elite players that are interested in higher level development and/or interested in College/University opportunities.  Players interested in the program will be assessed on their skills and ability and will be chosen to the program through an invite only process.

What does Royal Bay Soccer Academy expect from my child?

The Soccer Academy at Royal Bay expects its athletes to achieve “excellence through commitment”. Students of the academy need to demonstrate a strong work ethic and desire to improve, keeping in mind that students will only “get out what they choose to put in”. Royal Bay Soccer Academy will expect all students to demonstrate respect toward teammates, coaches, officials, opponents, and all other staff that they will interact with on a regular basis. Players of Royal Bay Soccer Academy will constantly be reminded of the expectation for them to be exceptional citizens of both Royal Bay Secondary School and our community.

What will the year look like?

The goal of the Royal Bay Soccer Academy is to train players at a consistently high level. We hope to maintain an energetic program that will allow students to excel as both players and individuals.  Royal Bay Soccer Academy will offer a comprehensive program both on and off the field. The on-field aspect will focus on skill development while the off-field component will allow students to gain greater knowledge with regard to understanding the complexities of both the game and themselves. The student athletes involved will have the opportunity to learn from some of the most knowledgeable instructors that the Victoria soccer community has to offer. In addition, we will work on soccer specific strength, conditioning and nutrition with knowledgeable athlete performance staff. It is also our hope that, through the unique opportunities provided by this program, athletes will realize they are a part of something extremely special.

How will my child be assessed? How will I be assessed?

Royal Bay Soccer Academy will focus on the primary methods of assessment including objective, subjective, self-assessment and peer-evaluation. As well, students will be assessed on their Behaviour, Effort, Attitude, and Participation (BEAP). Students will also be assessed on skill development, fitness and written assignments. Evaluation of Royal Bay Soccer Academy students will be reported on a regular basis, including 4 formal reports (report cards).


EVALUATION (High Performance Class):

BEAP (Behaviour, Effort, Attitude, Participation)      50%

Skill (Level and Progression)                                                 40%

Fitness and Written Work                                                       10%


EVALUATION (Jr. and Sr. Academy):

BEAP (Behaviour, Effort, Attitude, Participation)      60%

Skill (Level and Progression)                                                30%

Fitness and Written Work                                                   10%


Thanks for your interest in the Royal Bay Soccer Academy. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you in the future.

John Mennie  – Director


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