All Royal Bay students will use myBlueprint in their Career Education classes.  Please ensure that consent to access has been provided for your child.

How to create a myBlueprint account

Parental Consent for myBlueprint how to video

Logging on to myBlueprint how to video

Grade 9 Tasks in myBlueprint

All Royal Bay Secondary students have access to the myBlueprint website through our district site license.  myBlueprint is a comprehensive education and career/life planning program that is equipped with the tools students need to make the most informed decisions about their future.   

In order to access this site, parents must first provide their consent.  Access to the online consent portal can be found here: 

Once consent has been given, students can take advantage of the full breadth of offerings provided by this website including:

  •  Personal and compatibility assessments and inventories
  •  High school course planning
  •  Career databases
  •  Occupation searches
  •  Post-secondary pathway eligibility
  •  Money management
  •  Goal setting
  •  Resume building
  •  Portfolio building