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Career Life Connections 12

Ms. Huculak – Teacher  dhuculak@sd62.bc.ca 

This course is a graduation requirement. Completion of this 4-credit course will take place in grade 11 and 12. At Royal Bay, students will work toward 2 credits in their grade 11 year and 2 credits in their grade 12 year. Curricular Competencies will be covered through English classes during the grade 11 year. During their grade 12 year, students will select a teacher-mentor to meet with on a regular basis during Focus Blocks to develop their personal capstone portfolio and prepare them for their year-end Capstone Presentation (see description below).

Course Description: Career Life Connections enables students to develop the skills needed to be self-directed individuals who set goals, make thoughtful decisions and take responsibility for their future pursuits.

Using the Core Competencies, CareerLife Connections focuses on applying the following skills and strategies to one’s own personal life journey, specifically exploring:

§ deepening career-life concepts and thoughtful self-knowledge to inform personal life-long learning choices and post-graduation plans

§ using self-advocacy and employment marketing strategies, such as creating one’s own effective public profile

§ employing developed social capital, such as leadership and collaboration skills, to cultivate community networks

§ engaging in a substantive experiential learning opportunity of 30 hours or more that is intended to expand and/or deepen student exposure to career-life possibilities, such as service learning, volunteerism, employment, fieldwork projects, entrepreneurship, and passion projects

§ designing, assembling, and presenting a capstone portfolio to an audience during an exit interview, celebrating the learning journey and next steps toward preferred futures.


Career Life Connections 12 Requirements

Due Dates for Career Life Connections 12

Capstone Presentation Assessment


This is a mandatory course and must be completed in order to graduate in British Columbia.

This course is about you and for you.

The purpose of this course is to:

  • Support your post-graduation decision-making
  • Give you ownership over your journey
  • Give you an opportunity to reflect on your achievements and accomplishments
  • Connect you to an in-school mentor

For additional information please visit the:

Career Life Connections 12 website link: https://sites.google.com/sd62learns.org/rbsscareerlifeconnections12/home