The Making of a Little Library

Earlier in the school year, our librarians expressed an interest in having a little library made for Royal Bay.  This seemed like a great design opportunity for students in the grade 11 & 12 Housing and Living Environments class.  Students began by interviewing the librarians to have a better understanding of their needs.  The librarians wanted a mobile little library that could travel around open spaces inside the school with the goal of encouraging student readership.  Since the librarians were the clients, not the users, the class created surveys to better understand reading habits and features of a little library that would drive student interest.  The collected data was used as a starting point for brainstorming and ultimately led to the designs that were presented to our librarians for feedback.  Students wanted a little library that would be colorful, fun, and interactive, that would feature some Indigenous artwork and reflect our location along the ocean and that would connect with our school culture at Royal Bay.  Mr. Sorenson offered to build the chosen design and students found the inspiration to paint it from an Indigenous story about ocean stewardship. This story resonated with the students as they saw a parallel with the idea of being good stewards of the ocean by “only taking what you need,” and being good stewards of our new little library.  Students worked with a local indigenous artist, Jaymin Zuroski, who helped students bring their ideas to life.  So here is the finished product we are very proud to present! You will find “The Whale of a Tale Little Library,” around and about the open spaces of our school.  Help yourself to a good book and enjoy the read!

Grade 12 Student Takuma Peterson approving of our new mobile Library