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Royal Bay Secondary School Counselling Letter

Meet your counsellor:

Every student is assigned a counsellor according to their last name.

Mr. Steve Jones  A – Har   sjones@sd62.bc.ca   ext. 1115

Ms. Kazia Highton Has – Mc & International khighton@sd62.bc.ca  ext. 1116

Ms. Wendy Cooper   Me – Z   wcooper@sd62.bc.ca   ext. 1114


Roles and Responsibilities of School Counsellors

  1. Academic programming for all students
  2. Personal Counselling for social and emotional issues
  3. Problem-solving and planning for students
  4. Transition from middle school
  5. Post-secondary and Scholarship planning
  6. Academic advising
  7. Career exploration

Making Counselling Appointments

Counsellors are available from 8:30 until 3:30 on most school days. If you are a student, drop by counselling to see your counsellor.  If your counsellor is unavailable, Ms. Kerr will take down your name and your counsellor will get back to you when available.  If you are a parent or guardian, email or call the counsellor to make an appointment.

If you have an emergency situation and your counsellor is unavailable please let another staff member in the Counselling Suite know.

Students should inform their teacher if they are missing class to see their counsellor, and are responsible for work assigned during classes missed for counseling.

Referrals to Outside Agencies

Occasionally, students will require support for personal issues that go beyond the scope of a school counselling role. Belmont’s school counsellors will be happy to assist students and their families in making referrals to outside agencies. Please do not hesitate to ask for information about counselling support outside of school.

Links to Outside Agencies

Crisis Centre
The Crisis Centre
provides emotional support and crisis intervention services. Call 1-800-SUICIDE for help.


You can come here to have a confidential live talk with a volunteer listener in real time. One-to-one chat hours are:
Noon until 1:00 am Pacific Standard Time, 7 days a week


Offers emotional support and crisis intervention to youth up to 30yrs.  Our professionally-trained volunteers are online every night (6-11pm PST) to connect with users in Chat – instant message or text message.