Royal Bay Secondary Lacrosse Academy

In September of 2016, the Sooke School District begin a new program at the high school level – Royal Bay Lacrosse academy. Since its inception, our program has grown from 60 students to 90. The classes are broken into 2 different classes, junior (9/10) and senior (11/12).

Students in the Royal Bay program will range in skill level.  Students will train Monday through Friday at the brand new artificial turf field at Royal Bay Secondary. We are very proud of the first class sports facility that will be a vital part of both our school and community as it continues to grow.

Royal Bay Lacrosse Academy incorporates a number of community coaches to assist in the academy experience for our students. Our community coaching experience will be instrumental in working on skill development as well as fitness and physiological concepts.  Lucas MacNeil is the program director and has won 2 Canadian Junior “A” Minto lacrosse championships.  Mason Pynn who currently plays for Nanaimo Senior “A” Timbermen and spent 4 years at Drexel University on a scholarship is co-coach with Lucas MacNeil, and also is a certified personal trainer.  The academy also has a goalie coach, Stuart Smith who spent time at Bellarmine University. It is our goal to open as many post-secondary doors as possible for all Royal Bay Lacrosse Academy players as they head toward graduating high school.

Excellence through Commitment

What is Royal Bay Lacrosse Academy?

Royal Bay Lacrosse Academy is a dynamic skills and performance based program currently being offered at Royal Bay Secondary School. This program is an exciting opportunity for Royal Bay students to be involved in the exciting culture that this new school promises to provide. The Lacrosse Academy will be directed and co-coached by Lucas MacNeil, a Sooke District teacher who has been involved in the local lacrosse community for the past 10 years, along with co-coach Mason Pynn.

How will the Lacrosse Academy fit into my child’s schedule?

The Lacrosse Academy at Royal Bay is a program that will be offered inside of the regular timetable, occupying one block of the student’s schedule each semester. Students will receive an average of 3 to 4 on field sessions each week, as well as a classroom component, minor PE units, and strength and conditioning. Royal Bay Lacrosse Academy has the unique opportunity to train at the brand new artificial turf field just meters away from the main school.

Is this program the right fit?

Royal Bay Lacrosse Academy pursues excellence on and off the field.  We have a large focus on creating a positive: Character, Culture & Community. The focus of these values help guide the potential of the academy. Our goal is to provide the student-athletes with the best, enriched experiences that a high school can possibly offer. Through academics, competition, service and travel, the academy aims to provide the students with situations that enhance the student-athlete experience.  We aim to guide the student-athletes in becoming better people, students and teammates, both on and off the field.  It is a program for all players within the sport, and also provides travel opportunities for those student who want to pursue post-secondary scholarship opportunities.

What does Royal Bay Lacrosse Academy expect from my child?

The Lacrosse Academy at Royal Bay expects its athletes to achieve “excellence through commitment”. Students of the lacrosse academy need to demonstrate a strong work ethic and desire to improve, keeping in mind that students will only “get out what they choose to put in”. Royal Bay Lacrosse Academy will expect all students to demonstrate respect toward teammates, coaches, officials, opponents, and all other staff that they will interact with on a regular basis. Players of Royal Bay Lacrosse Academy will constantly be reminded of the expectation for them to be exceptional citizens of both Royal Bay Secondary School and our community.

What will the year look like?

It is Royal Bay’s goal is to train players at a consistently high level. Our desire is to operate an energetic program that will allow students to excel as both players and people. Royal Bay Lacrosse Academy will offer a comprehensive program both on and off the field with potential travel opportunities. The on-field aspect will focus on skill development while the classroom component will allow students to gain greater knowledge of both the game and themselves. The student athletes involved will have the opportunity to learn from some of the most knowledgeable instructors our lacrosse and athletic community has to offer. It is also our hope that players will appreciate that they are a part of something extremely special.

How will my child be assessed?

The Lacrosse Academy at Royal Bay will focus on the primary methods of assessment including objective, subjective, and self-assessment. Students will be assessed on a daily basis with regard to their Behaviour, Effort, Attitude, and Participation. Students will also be assessed on skill development. Evaluation of Royal Bay students will be reported on a regular basis, including 4 formal reports (report cards).

Thanks for your interest in the Royal Bay Lacrosse Academy, We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you in the future.

Lucas MacNeil

Teacher – SD62

Director – Royal Bay Lacrosse Academy