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Information about the Royal Bay Dance Academy

The Royal Bay Dance Academy is a skill development program with an emphasis on both dance technique and performance skills.  Royal Bay Dance Academy consists of:

Junior Dance Academy              Grades 9/10                     **admission by application

Senior Dance Academy              Grades 11/12                  **admission by application

Advanced Dance Academy         Grades 9/10/11/12          **admission by application and audition

Who can apply to the Royal Bay Dance Academy?

Royal Bay Dance Academy includes opportunities for dancers of various levels of technique and ability.   We are looking for committed and coachable dancers who have a high standard of personal responsibility and behaviour.  Studio training is not mandatory, but will assist dancers in the technical requirements of the course.

How to apply for Dance Academy?

To apply, fill out an application available online by visiting the Royal Bay website.  Applications will be accepted in the New Year.  Acceptance into the Academy, for eligible candidates, is on a first come first served basis.  Auditions are held for the Advanced Academy.  Space is limited for all classes.

What is the philosophy of Dance Academy at Royal Bay?

In the Dance Academy at Royal Bay, we are committed to supporting students’ personal development.  We recognize that in addition to working with students to improve their dance skills, we are here to nurture their development as a whole.  Being part of the Royal Bay Dance Academy gives students an opportunity to be part of a ‘dance family’ where they can learn and grow together in a safe and enriching environment.  We offer opportunities for student leadership and encourage the development of interpersonal skills and social awareness.

How does Dance Academy differ from regular dance classes at the school?

The Academy runs from September to June and is for the dedicated dancer who wants to dance every day.  Academy dancers will have the opportunity to work with visiting instructors on a weekly basis, thanks to our successful partnership with Boston Dance Company, and work with an athletic therapist, both as a class and one-on-one when needed.  We attend Dance Victoria performances at the Royal Theatre, participate in local dance festivals such as the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival and perform in several other events, such as school performances, including school assemblies, our holiday “Winter” show and year-end “Evening of Dance”. 

Can parents attend performances?

Parents are always welcome to attend performances. Check with your dancer for upcoming show dates and times or check the website: www.royalbaydanceacademy.weebly.com for more details. You can also find the link through the Royal Bay School website.

What can students expect from an Academy class?

Dancers will begin class with a warm up which will include cardio, strengthening, conditioning and stretching before moving into technique and choreography. Expect to work hard. Some days will be focused more heavily on technique building, others on choreography.  Some of the dance genres covered on Academy include jazz, lyrical, hip hop, tap, contemporary, modern and ballet.

What does the partnership with Boston Dance include?

Royal Bay Dance Academy is proud to offer a partnership with Boston Dance Collective. As part of the dance academy tuition, students will receive weekly instruction from dance instructors from Boston Dance. Instructors are sent out to follow the units of instructions we are currently in, so as to support our learning, both in technique and choreography.

Are there any field trips in Dance Academy?

We will travel to the Royal Theatre to see professional dance performances as part of our partnership with Dance Victoria. Parents are often invited to join us on these events so stay tuned!  Other field trips may include team building activities and performance opportunities!

What kind of commitment is Dance Academy?

Dance Academy is a serious commitment. Our success as a group depends on everyone’s individual commitment. Consistent attendance is a crucial component of this program.

Some things you may want to know:

  • Dance Academy is a fun place to be. Don’t worry or stress about your first day.
  • A positive attitude is the most important thing you can bring with you to class.
  • Dancers are provided with a uniform and water bottle. The uniform changes slightly each year, but can include a tank, short sleeved t-shirt, hoodie, joggers, leggings, foot undeez and a duffle bag. You will be fitted the first day and orders will come in shortly. Some of these items will be used as costumes as well so please do your best to keep them in good shape.
  • Dance Academy students tend to become good friends so be prepared to have a few new friendly faces around the house!

I hope that this has answered any questions you might have, but please contact me if there is anything else you wish to know.

Robyn White, rwhite@sd62.bc.ca

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