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Dear RBSS Students and Parents/Guardians;

I hope that this email finds you and your children all well and enjoying the beautiful weather we are experiencing. There really is nowhere on earth as amazing as Vancouver Island on warm summer days! I’m sure that you are all eagerly awaiting news as to what the September startup will look like here at Royal Bay Secondary.

At the school level, we are working hard behind the scenes to finalize our localized plans which include health and safety measures specific to our Royal Bay setting. We will communicate these plans to our students and families by mid-week next week.  It has already been a very busy August, and we are hard at work ensuring that the startup in a couple weeks is as seamless as possible.

It has been a long stretch with a lot of uncertainty but are more than thrilled to be welcoming students back to RBSS this September! While school operations will look a little different than they have before, we remain committed to providing the best possible learning environment to all RBSS students. I am grateful to staff, as well as our Parent Advisory Council, for taking time away from their summers to brainstorm about how we can service our students this year.  It has been a pleasure to work with the partner groups in creating a safe, welcoming and student focused school – we are lucky to have such a committed and caring community.

By now you have already received information from the District that outlines basic scheduling and provides links to the Sooke School District FAQs and Provincial Documents. Below you will find a few more details regarding school start up at RBSS. Next week, you will receive additional information regarding student schedules, and updated bell schedule and cohort placements.

Model for Learning

We will be following a 1/8th model as outlined by the Sooke School District. This means that students will study one course at a time, much like in a summer school model. This model is being followed for several reasons:

  • To keep cohort sizes small, maintaining a focus on health and safety
  • Maintains student choice. While can never guarantee a perfect timetable, student course requests will be honoured in the same way they would in a semester system.
  • Allows for focused learning. Our experience with summer school tells us that students with many learning styles benefit and appreciate this focus. This is particularly important at a time when students are experiencing change in many other ways.
  • This system will allow us to provide extra support to students who are connected to our learning support teachers outside of the time of their scheduled class.
  • Allows teachers and students to focus on building strong relationships with a manageable sized group. Relationships building between teachers and students will be key as students build their school routines after the interruption to regular schooling this spring.

Please note the following:

  • Students will be assigned to a morning or afternoon grouping for their class. We will do our best to construct these groupings thoughtfully. Where we can keep siblings grouped together we will do so, but there are other factors we need to consider, including split grade classes. We hope to contact families by the end of next week with more information about morning and afternoon cohorts.
  • Students will be expected to take part on self-directed learning during the half of the day when they are not assigned to class. Teachers will provide resources and support for this work. It is important that students schedule a time and place at home to complete this work.
  • Students will be required to follow health and safety protocols. These will include classes entering and exiting through assigned doors, using assigned washrooms, and wearing masks in hallways, washrooms, busses and other public areas. All students will also be expected to complete a home health check and must not come to school if they are not well.
  • For public health reasons, the public water filling stations and school microwaves are not available.  Please make sure that your student comes prepared with water and snacks for the duration of their stay.
  • Students will not be permitted to loiter on or near school grounds. It is all of our responsibility to ensure that we maintain our health and safety protocols and can easily track contacts between individuals.
  • Lockers will not be available for use.

Contact Information

It is important for the school to have current and accurate email and phone numbers for all parents/guardians, as well as emergency contact people in the instance that we cannot reach a parent or guardian. Please ensure that contact details are up to date in the Parent Portal (http://royalbay.web.sd62.bc.ca/parents/my-education-bc/  and contact office staff with changes. It is also imperative that all families have a pick-up plan for their children in case of road closures, inclement weather, or emergency.


Please be sure to visit https://consent.sd62.bc.ca/apps/OnlineConsent and let us know if you consent to following:

  • Aboriginal Education
  • General Consent for School Fieldtrips/Activities
  • Google Apps For Education (G Suite) Consent
  • Internet Access Consent
  • Media Consent
  • School Cash Online Consent
  • MyBlueprint Consent
  • FreshGrade Consent


As always, communication is a vital component of a successful school year, once the school year begins, parents and students are encouraged to reach out to classroom teachers frequently for information and support. Students are also assigned a Vice Principal and a Counsellor:

Last names A -Har
Vice Principal: Mr. Mike Bobbitt mbobbitt@sd62.bc.ca

Counsellor: Ms. Tebeth Barbour tbarbour@sd62.bc.ca

Last names Has – Mc

Vice Principal: Mr. Martin Lait mlait@sd62.bc.ca
Counsellor: Ms. Kim Hogan khogan@sd62.bc.ca

Last names Me – Z

Vice Principal: Mr. Mark Johnston mjohnston@sd62.bc.ca
Counsellor: Ms. Wendy Cooper wcooper@sd62.bc.ca

Case Managers /  additional support

Students with Individual Education Plans, will also be assigned a Support Teacher. Please connect with your Counsellor or Vice Principal, Mark Johnston mjohnston@sd62.bc.ca if you need to be connected to a Support Teacher.

Medical Alerts

Please inform Mrs. Charlene Thomson in the front office if your child has any medical conditions of which the school should be aware. If your child is anaphylactic or diabetic, you will be contacted by the school to update your child’s anaphylaxis action plan or medical action plan. If your child requires medication during school hours, please contact Mrs. Charlene Thomson (cthomson@sd62.bc.ca)  to complete a medication administration form.  If you have any further questions, please contact Vice Principal Mr. Martin Lait mlait@sd62.bc.ca

Where to receive updates and additional information

Sept. 8 – 14 at a glance

  • Sept 8:  JOHS teams meet to review plans and make site-based adjustments, staff training in Health and Safety processes
  • Sept 9: Additional safety training, continued school and classroom prep
  • Sept 10 and 11: Gradual return of students in grades 9 & 10
  • Sept 14: First full day of school grades 9 to 12.

Once again, our thanks for your continued support of your learners and our school community – Go Ravens!!


Mike Huck

Principal, Royal Bay Secondary School

250-474-2377 ext.1112





Families who are needing to register their child(ren) are welcome to do so over the summer break using our SD62 Registration Process:


If you register over the summer, you will be contacted after the staff return to school on August 31, 2020.