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Hello Royal Bay Families. There are a number of students who have not paid their course fee for the first semester and athletic participation fees.
These fees are just for students participating in classes with fees or on sports teams this year. There will be second invoices sent out in report cards for outstanding fees.

You are welcome to pay on line at https://sd62.schoolcashonline.com by cheques payable to SD#62,or cash in the school office.


In 2016, Royal Bay Secondary began a ‘School Travel Planning’ process; a focused method aiming to increase the number of students and families who travel actively to school and decrease traffic congestion around the school site.

‘Active travel’ is choosing modes of transportation that use our bodies. By walking, biking, taking transit or using a ‘Drive to Five’ location we will create a safer school environment, increase our children’s ability to sit, focus and learn, address mental, physical and emotional health concerns that are present for many families today, create a strong connected community and show appreciation for the natural spaces around us.

Please consider the attached ‘Best Routes’ map to find your walking or cycling route, your nearest transit stops or your nearest ‘Drive to Five’ location.

Please find attached below more information, including a route map.

School Travel Plan CRD

Best Route Map Royal Bay



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