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For Grade 11 Students at Royal Bay

How do I meet the requirements for this course?

o   Attend all grade 11 assemblies

o   Participate in the one-week Capstone Preparation Project that will take place within your English 11 class

o   Attend at least 2 Spotlight Sessions

o   Add a journal entry to your “Who do I want to be?” Portfolio (in myBlueprint) for each Spotlight Session you attend

o   Begin to build your Capstone Portfolio in myBlueprint which includes your responses to:

o   Who am I?

o   Who do I want to be?

o   How will I get there?

o   Submit evidence of 30 Career Exploration hours (to the Careers Office, room 1117) **you may complete this graduation requirement at any time during your grade l0, 11 or 12 year.

Have questions or need support?  See your CLC 12A teacher, Ms. Harrington lharrington@sd62.bc.ca in room 1117 or visit the Career Education tab under Departments on the Royal Bay website http://royalbay.web.sd62.bc.ca/departments/career-and-trades-programs/career-life-connections-11/.