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Good morning Royal Bay Families.

Please review this info provided by the Ministry of Education.  It is a simple to use resource which will help you identify whether or not you should have your child remain at home if they have any concerning health symptoms.  Thanks for your continued support in keeping our RBSS school community a safe and healthy place to work and learn!

New App Simplifies Students‘ Daily Health Check

Thanks to a new app, it’s easier than ever for your students or their parents to complete their daily health check each morning.

Developed in partnership with Public Health and the BC Centre for Disease Control, and a group of students, the K-12 daily health check website and mobile app help students and families make the best decisions on whether to attend school, stay home, or take other measures. Questions and answers are easy to understand and are based on current health guidelines. All content is written with the K-12 age group in mind.

As indicated in the Provincial COVID-19 Health Safety Guidelines for K-12 Settings, parents and caregivers should assess their children daily for illness before sending them to school. Please share the information about the new K-12 Health Check App with your students and families to make this process easier.